United Kingdom Hockey Clubs

At Sportscover we understand what players, Clubs and Associations require from their sports insurer because we service ONLY sporting groups and the sports industry.

Hence the hockey package has been streamlined to make it extremely simple to understand and implement at your Club/Association.

Please read the following information and consider this product.

To arrange cover please contact your local Sportscover Broker.

Summary of Hockey Policy Benefits

Player Accident Insurance - Standard

Death benefit £10,000 (Under 18 years £2,000).
Disablement £10,000 Permanent disablement a percentage paid in accordance with injury (sliding scale).
Medical expenses 80% Non National Health Medical expenses incurred subject to £50 excess. Maximum claim £500 (note up to 100% will be paid if claim is made in conjunction with Private Health Insurance)
These expenses include:
• Hospital Accommodation
• Chiropractic
• Dental services (to sound whole teeth only)
Physiotherapy 75% of expenses actually incurred provided that the total claim for medical and physiotherapy expenses does not exceed £500. Subject to a £50 excess.
Loss of income (TTD) £50 per week or 75% of earnings whichever is less. Excess 10 days. Maximum period 26 weeks.
Injury assistance benefit £30 per day or 75% of non medical related expenses for Non Income Earners. Maximum benefit £1500.

*A minimum premium per policy is applicable if player accident cover is purchased in isolation.

Note: his information applies to UNITED KINGDOM ONLY