The following information relates to you if your insurance policy was created via Sportscover Europe Limited. If your policy was created via a different Sportscover office, please contact that office or the insurance broker who arranged your policy.

All claims should be immediately reported to Sportscover Europe.
To do this please take the following steps:


Refer to the claims conditions that appear in your policy of insurance.


Contact the insurance broker who arranged your cover with Sportscover Europe.

Contact details will be found on the insurance documentation that was forwarded to you by your broker, either when you first arranged insurance or alternatively at the date of the last renewal.

If you have a new Personal Injury, or your Property has been damaged or if your actions have brought about an injury to a another person or to property, you will need to contact your broker and request a claim form.

  • If you have been injured; you require a Personal Accident Claim Form

  • If your insured property has suffered damage or loss; you require a Property Claim Form

  • If an incident has occurred that you believe may result in legal action against you; you require a Liability Claim Form

Provide your broker with written or verbal details of the claim or incident and request a claim form.


Return your completed and signed claim form to your broker without delay.

Please note that if you do not report all claims and incidents promptly and efficiently this may affect your right to indemnity under your policy of insurance.

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