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The Active Underwriting Specialists (Active) brand is the leisure brand of Sportscover.

Active Underwriting Specialists was created in London in 2005 as a natural extension to the sports business that Sportscover had successfully covered for 20 years. Since then it has grown strongly and now is a major part of Sportscover's business.

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The leisure business receives just the same level of attention to detail as our sports business; that means tailor made policies and a real focus on excellent service. That is a key part of our business model and will always remain so - which is why we have grown so successfully over the years.

The list of risks covered under the Active brand is long and expanding. Covering activities in sectors such as adventure sports, exhibitions and events, amusement centres, the hospitality industry and visitor attractions which includes risks as diverse as cinemas to zoos, we have a policy just right for the risk. And every client benefits from the first class security provided by a Lloyd's policy backed by the impressive chain of security.

That is why more and more leisure owners, operators and managers are being covered by an Active Underwriting Specialists policy. Learn more about the Active Underwriting Specialists leisure insurance policies.

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'It is clear that Sportscover are proactive in their field, thoroughly investigating each line of business, designing policies that suit clients.' 
									Alan N Wilson, CIP. QPIB. ANZIIF (Senior Assoc) Dip Financial Service (Broking), Managing Director, AWIB Pty Ltd